Feb 14 2012
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error 80023102

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I trie all of this but cannot resolve the problem i still cannot ad funds to my wallet im getting angry and im gonna stop buying from sony.

anyone can help me please.


I have a problem I can not add funds to my card through a card MBNet data are al...

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Response Via Email (Tyson C.)02/14/2012 09:41 AM
Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for contacting Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI). I apologize for any frustration this has caused you. My name is Tyson, and I can definitely assist you with adding funds to your wallet. I do understand how frustrating it can be when trying to add funds if it is unsuccessful.

Below are some troubleshooting steps to assist you with the error code 80023102 and with correctly adding your credit/debit card information to your PlayStation®Network (PSN) account:

• Activate the system. From the XrossMediaBar™ (XMB™), sign in to your SEN account. Next, select Account Management > Activate System.
• Please ensure all account information is accurate. From Account Management, select Account Information > Billing Information. Select the “Delete Billing Information” button, and press the X button. Then re-enter your billing information on the same page. The billing information should be entered exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
• Remove the apartment number (if applicable).
• Try another credit card.
• Check with the bank to verify if the credit card uses AVS (Address Verification System) as a security feature. If the bank does not utilize this security feature, the credit card will not be able to be used on the PlayStation®Network.

This link will give you some more information regarding adding funds to your account:
Article Link:

If these steps do not resolve the issue, we do still have a work-around available. You can purchase PSN cards at any major retailer, and also online.
I have included a link with some more information regarding the PSN cards:
Article Link:

Please understand, the parameters set for security are set for our consumers’ protection. I apologize for any inconvenience they may have caused.

Thank you so much for your time and for letting me help you today, Ricardo. You will be receiving a brief survey in your e-mail about the customer service I was able to provide you today. When you do receive the survey, I would really appreciate any feedback or comments you can give about my personal response to you. Have a nice afternoon.

Tyson C.

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Re: error 80023102

Feb 14, 2012

are you making sure that the address saved the ps3 matches billing address?

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