Feb 17 2013
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cutthroats: battle for black powder cove missing kills

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Hi. I play on cutthroats on the pen network in the playstation home. Recently my system made me go through two upgrades. The first upgrade was fine nothing happened. The second time, a few days later, it made me go through it but it resaved my ill count at the first download. I went from 2651 to 2506. This is a huge problem for me. I have spent my money to buy the ammo that got those kills. The only goal for that game is to get on the leaderboard so I hope you can see the problem of having your kills that you paid for taken away. Without assurance that my kills, ammo and of course my money is safe when playing the game, how do expect people to keep spending money? I tried to call the support center and they were no help. They suggested I try the forums, but I have my doubts that Sony even cares about its customers. I mean seriously how am I suppose to trust your company with my money like this? I really hope you can help get my kills back or recredit my account so I can replace my ammo, because if not I simply won't spend any more of my money on the home network and I will be one more disgruntled customer **bleep** about how psn stole my money.
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