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Re: copywrite protection???

Jan 31, 2013

CaoticFox wrote:

let me start from scratch...

i own 4 ps3s.. 

for personal use only

i travel a lot so i keep them in different locations (where I travel)

2 at home, 1 at mothers house, and the other was to be located at my grandmothers house

i dont like transporting one everywhere, as HDMI connectios in tvs will get damaged with repeated plugging and unplugging

the last 1 i bought, was a bit larger HD than my others, so i decided to purchase games on the store instead of buying 4th copies of all my games... purchased and download the above games while i was at home, grandmothers house doesnt have internet

deactivated the system, reactivated the the 2 at MY residence 

transported the 4th ps3 to my grandmothers house , hooked it up


before coming on here, i retransported them home, again, to see if there were any unlock keys or patches needing installed...

however when i turned it on at home, it worked...

confused, i take it back to my grandmothers house and repeat the process to no avail


so i call SONY... 3hrs on the phone, another trip home and back (150miles each trip) SONY says it because of "copyright protection".. "thats how the system is set up"... sorry..

the games work fine at my house because of my internet connection

it will NOT opperate the downloaded games without one (internet connection)

I would like for this to be remedied or refunded...

Im not sure what you expect from Sony.


heres something from 2011:


"Sony Computer Entertainment today announced that come November 18th, a rather large set of changes will be coming to their rights management for downloaded PlayStation 3, PSN, and PSP titles.

When the PlayStation 3 was first revealed, SCE boss Jack Tretton made a rather surprising announcement: downloaded games would be playable on up to five separate consoles, with the impression given that you’d be able to share games with your friends.

On November 18th, that hardware limit will change—from five playable systems to two. This change will also affect PSP digital purchases as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes being made:

* Digital PSN games purchased after November 18th will only be playable on two PS3 consoles.

* Digital PSP games purchased after November 18th will only be playable on two PSP, PSPGo, or PS Vita consoles. This is across all three of those platforms—so, for example, two PSPs, one PSP and one PS Vita, two PS Vitas, etc.

* All games purchased before November 18th will still fall under the old policy of being usable on up to five PS3 or five PSPs/PS Vitas.

This change will come along with a new service that Sony will be providing: An accounts website, where you’ll have full control over which of your hardware is registered and authorized to play your purchased games."


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Re: copywrite protection???

Feb 4, 2013

ok... aparently i must reiterate that i ONLY WANT to play them on the "1" system...

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