Jan 31 2013
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connection issue

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hey all, I am having a problem with connecting to the psn from my ps3. It started this yesterday afternoon, then it worked for a short time. I was playing call of duty black ops 2 with my friends and it would keep kicking me out of the loby. This has been increasing since the latest update. Tech support couldnt help me figure out what the issue is, i do not think they really wanted to. Ive tried everything, even a restore. still nothing. I know it is not the internet provider because my phone and laptop has been connected this whole time. 


Has any one else experienced this? I am beginning to wonder why I paid so much for such poor service and hassle.

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Re: connection issue

Jan 31, 2013

Well first off you don't pay for service with sony.


When this happens are you using your laptop at the same time?


What is your setup wireless wired, router and modem type incliding model numbers?

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