Dec 31 2013
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cant redeem code for gt5

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cant seem to get this code working correctly for my gran turismo 5. I entered it in, i got 1 of the 4 packages that i was suppose to get, and now its not letting me get the rest of them, i went back into "Download List" to reload/install all of them again and it says its completed and installed but when i go back into the game, it doenst show it. when i go into my "Services List" it shows all of the Packs, i received 1 of the 4. when i go into them seperately, the ones that i dont have shows, "Remaining 1." no expiration date is shown. has anyone experience this problem before? i sent an email in to PSN but the instructions they gave me to follow didnt work out and they said to try out the forums.



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