Apr 01 2013
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can`t sign in MY account , PLZ HELP ME !!!!

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the problem is when first time i make the account i used a random email then i tried to make it but it used , & then some1 hacked it or idk maybe he know the password & changed it !!


& now i can`t change the password till i have the email but i can`t have it !!



i know the adress of the account , i know the date of birth , first & last name some games i bought from the store



i can send a scan of my civil card or license shows the date of birth next to the today`s newspaper to prove that its me ! i did this with Blizzard before & i hope playstation can do it for me too !!!




( sorry for my english )



plz i really need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad

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Re: can`t sign in MY account , PLZ HELP ME !!!!

Apr 1, 2013

Your best course of action is to contact SONY directly using the link called "Contacting Support" in the lower left corner of any forum page.  If you have the details of the account like you say you do they may be able to help.


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