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Re: battlefield 4 digital version freezing on spawn and connection issues.

Feb 3, 2014
If it's such a graphical intense game then why did all the predecessors 2 and 3 freeze during game play? And it's based on the same frostbite system they used for the previous games. That doesn't make sense to make a game that doesn't function properly on a system. It's because dice doesn't care and just wants all your money. They don't test the games any more and if there are problems they don't fix them before they release them. They don't care to fix the problem and it should be sony's responsibility to see that these problems get fixed. I bet Microsoft does a lot more to go after these companies that make defective games. It might be time to switch systems. And why do you all buy added content that should be free for all the games. Your all paying the price for a full game but all your getting is what 4 maps and maybe some guns. It shouldn't be anymore then 20 bucks and even then that seems too much when sometimes all your getting are maps for previous games. Dice you make some of the crappiest maps and stupid maps. Why does EA allow you to still make the games for battlefield. Your just as bad as Activision where you both allow companies that don't take care of their product and allow them to be hacked. No wonder people are starting to stop buying Battlefield and Call of Duty. I know I won't be buying any more of these titles. No reason to waste money on games that one continues to freeze and the other is full of lag.
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