Nov 28 2012
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access to PSN store on pc?

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I'm really wondering why this isn't possible. Sometimes I hear about or read a great game review and want to check it out, but I can't without going to my PS3. Just seems like something that we'd have by now.

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Re: access to PSN store on pc?

Nov 28, 2012

You can access the store, you just cannot purchase anything.


On the banner at the top of the screen that shows "Playstation Network         Playstation3       PS Vita" etc, etc. if you hover your mouse pointer over "Playstation Network" a box will appear below the banner and the second item is "Playstation Store".


You can browse games to your hearts content, read reviews, etc.


Personally, I find there are much better gaming websites out there that offer far more information than the Playstation store, but that's a matter of personal choice.

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