Jun 19 2013
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Will there ever be a fix for error 80023102? CC problems and such?

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These problems have been going on for many years. I don't respect Sony's "networking" abilities. It's like when I call for any kind of problem I usually get an answer equivalent to a meth addict that's cooking it up. looking jacked up, but refusing to admit it. If the don't really want us to use CCs then just for God's sake get rid of it. I have to drive a fair amount away from my home to get a psn card, but the real point is we should be able to fund our accounts with the methods given. I actually got them to admit that it's their fault ...they blamed it on E3 congestion....well guess what a company needs to be prepared especially when the same event occurs every year.

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Re: Will there ever be a fix for error 80023102? CC problems and such?

Jun 19, 2013

I and many others have no trouble using our credit cards on the PSN. When people do have trouble with it the error is on their end not Sony's. I know it's hard for people to accept that they may be at fault but that's the fact of the matter. Use PSN cards. I'm sure you can figure out a way to purchase them with your credit card.

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