Feb 08 2013
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Why so much maintenance??

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So I got home from work, shovelled my driveway because Snowmaggedon is here on the East Coast, came inside, got a cup of coffee and hoped to sit down to some online gaming...but of course...when I went to sign in, my PS3 informed me that PSN is down for maintenance.  I looked on the site and here on the forums and there's no indication of how long this might take...any ideas??


And while we're at it...what kind of problems is Sony having, and why are they having these problems so often??  PSN was down for almost the entire weekend just a week or two ago.  Why is it down again now??  You haven't been hacked again, right Sony??  ...please??

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Re: Why so much maintenance??

Feb 8, 2013

Security, stablization, speed, improved service and options. Personally, I don't mind the maintenance because I know its being done to make things better. Sure a little heads up ahead of time might be nice, but just having a message pop-up upon logging in during that downtime is fine with me.

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