Oct 12 2012
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Why can't I add founds with credit card?

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I can't add founds with my credit card. It says: you can't add founds to your wallet at first then after a few try's it says: An error has occurred 80023102, can someone help me with this?

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First Son
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Re: Why can't I add founds with credit card?

Oct 12, 2012

Did this just start happening to you with your saved credentials?


Official line is that it's an issue with your Credit Card address verification.


Check with your bank to make sure your credit card isn't being blocked.  Check that the address information is correct.

If its saved and worked before (and your card isn't blocked) then join the club of people reporting this issue and not getting a response.


Please let us know so we can send you a club t-shirt and invite you to the Guild of 80023102. 


It might still work intermittently (like with me) so cross your fingers before you add funds next time.

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