Feb 22 2013
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Why No Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance on PSN ?

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I can't help but wonder why Sony doesn't have more PS2 classic available for download on PSN (?)  I read that the reason for Sony making the PS3 "non-backwards compatible" (after the frst batch that it) was so people would be more inclined to buy PS1 and PS2 games on the PSN. The PS1 game list is pretty good.  But the selection of PS2 games is weak at best.


More specifically , if I could choose just one game from the PS2 library to be brought to PSN is would absolutely be Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance (1 & 2). I so crave a game like that on my PS3. Dungeon Hunter is ok on my iPhone but it kinda sucks on my big HDTV. There is NOTHING else that even resembles BGSmiley Very HappyA for PS3. I've been playing Death Spank and Skyrim with hopes that I would get the same type of gaming euphoria with the combination of the two that I had with BGSmiley Very HappyA.


So ....anyone wanna make my week and tell me that BGSmiley Very HappyA is somehow available for PS3 ? I'd even be thrilled if it came on a disc !!!

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