Jan 29 2013
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Where is the Crysis 3 Beta demo?

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i don't know what the problem is or why its taking so long... But let me say that I am and have been a playstaion gamer for a long time... love playstation... just concerned.... there is an issue with updating store content... i and many other users want store content now and right away... not just the time u decide to update your store... this is a good example and very current... today is the 29 of January and the same day crysis 3 beta demo is to be released... it is 3:25 right now as i type... still no PS3 crysis3 beta demo... xbox has it and have all morningand all day... pc had the beta up and running by 3:00am... what the **bleep** is taking so long... i am very upset... and many people... why do we have to be last... i heard through online gaming talk that PSN don't update there store content until 8:00 pm on tuesdays... omg... i am seriously considering changing to xbox just because of this... i would rather pay for it and know i ( or we as users) got it first or when it was ready then, verses being last just because they only update the store at certain times... its time to step up your game PSN... and the worst part about it is that all day long now i have been checking and waiting for it and still everyone i game with and take to about it still dont know anything... as it is i and many others make it part of our lives to have this enjoyment and we care what happens with it and when things are available to us.... u should make it your up most concern to see that we get it... I have paid a lot of money for the prouder of my game crisis 3 when it was first posted for prouder through origin and set for rush delivery, only to find out a month later that for those that pre-order the game can get a free game with it... I called and asked it I was qualified for it and they told me that I was not because the deal was not available at the time of order... Yes I am very upset about it... Not that I can't have a free game but because they were rude to me and just told me no! That I can't do anything or get anything and that there was nothing they could do for me....  Very concerned customer... Brian Yates Manuel... Thank you for receiving this and if u read it a response would be nice... ASAP....




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Re: Where is the Crysis 3 Beta demo?

Jan 30, 2013

The Playstation Store updates once per week.  It has been on Tuesdays for at least a few years now.  Sometimes that means that games, and demos, are not available in the Playstation Store on their launch day.  People have been complaining about that for at least a few years now, pretty much every month.  You are not the first.  You are probably not even one of the first thousand.  The schedule has not changed.  I think that we can safely assume that Sony has good reasons to do it  the way that it is being done.  At any rate, it isn't likely to change. 


Each console has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why I buy all of them.  Sony will not change its Playstation Store update schedule to prevent you from buying an XBox.  Sony doesn't mind if you buy an XBox. You already bought a PS3. If Microsoft updates its store daily, that's good for them.  There isn't much evidence that it leads to higher game sales overall, but since Microsoft charges $60 a year for access to the online functions of its console, it can afford the staff to update daily. Sony consoles provide all online functions with no monthly fee, so we have to wait a bit sometimes.  Advantages and disadvantages.  Even then, people still complain to Microsoft if the game isn't available to download at midnight when the people that pre-ordered from GameStop got it. Even with daily updates, you won't always be first. People can always complain about something.  Sony can't run a business by worrying about that. 


Sometimes publishers offer additional incentives to drive pre-order sales.  It doesn't make much sense to offer incentives to people that already pre-ordered without them. That's a waste of money.  In any case, it is the publisher's decision.  Sony can't change the eligibility rules for pre-order bonuses. That's just the way it is. There isn't much that customer support can do if the facts upset you.  They probably aren't allowed to make stuff up so that you feel better. If they did, you would probably complain about that too.

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