May 21 2013
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Where is my preorder bonus for Resident Evil Revelations?

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I preordered Resident Evil Revelations PSN download version yesterday. I go to download it after the Midnight release date and only thing in my download list is Resident Evil Revelations and the pre-order theme. The pre-order Signature Weapons Pack doesn't show


Can somebody clue me in to why I didn't get something I paid for?


Edit: I finally got the game downloaded and installed and when starting a new game it says "Could not read catalog data. Would you like to start the game? (You will not be able to play on Playstation Network)". My game is updated to latest and nothing wrong with my internet connection


Seriously? I don't get my DLC and I can't even play it online. **bleep**????

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Re: Where is my preorder bonus for Resident Evil Revelations?

May 21, 2013

The Playstation Store staff doesn't monitor this forum, and neither does Playstation customer support.  They do post announcements here, but that is about it.  You are supposed to contact Playstation customer support by phone or live chat during business hours.  It is also often useful to post a polite comment to the Playstation Store Update post in the Playstation Blog, when it is posted later today.  The Sony employees that read the comments have direct contact with the Playstation Store staff, and can usually get problems with Playstation Store items resolved.

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