Jul 05 2011
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Welcome Back, Services List fix doesn't work

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Hi there guys!

As a lot of people, I'm also having problems with accessing the Welcome Back Free Games offer on the PS Store after you

access it the first time.

I downloaded my 1st game (Dead Nation), but leaved the 30 days of PS Plus and the 2nd game to download later.

Now i can't acces the page again.

I tried the fix everyone is sugesting on the web:

Select "Account Management" under the PlayStation Network XMB icon

Select "Transaction Management"

Select "Services List"

Select "SCEA Promotion"

Select your Welcome Back package ie (ps3 free game 1 or ps3 free game 2)...

Ok, i tried, but the thing is that the SCEA Promotion only shows the package I downloaded for the first game.

You'll understand it better on the video.

Hope you can help me on this one.

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Re: Welcome Back, Services List fix doesn't work

Jul 5, 2011

I'm sorry the promotion ended today July 5th at 9AM PST 12PM EST. After it expired all links to the promotion was taken down, which is probably why it isn't working for you...

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