Jun 23 2011
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Waterfall terrace still isnt fixed by now part 2

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I fianlly went to the waterfall terrance yesterday and I tried to load my funiture and i couldnt load any funiture i was hoping sony would of fix that issue by now thats the only space i have issues with adding funiture to that space That space has alot of potential and its beautiful view but the space is still not allowing me to add funiture to the space :/  this is been going on for months I paid for the space to use it not 2 just have it sit there and cant add no furnature because there a problem with the space I hope sony fixes this issue soon its getting old now this is not a new problem this is been going on for months

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Re: Waterfall terrace still isnt fixed by now part 2

Jun 23, 2011

Yup, I have not been able to enjoy the space since I bought it either. And I've been unsuccessful in receiving refund or credit. Again, funds have been taken from me for product or service not received. Yet, I keep digging in?!

Anyway, they should definately make it unavailable for purchase until its fixed. Its eractic at best. You may be able to access furniture, you may not. You may see all, some, or none of what you've been able to eventually place dependng on which visit. And the game has NEVER worked. It either freezes, waits for server, or kicks you out etc

Very bad business, folks..

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