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Apr 21 2013
By: Asoleos First Son 4 posts

Warriors Orochi 3 download problems

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I recently purchased the game from the store and when I try and download the game it first takes a while to activate the download. Then when it gets to the download portion it is stuck infinitely on "Download Please wait". It never comes up with a estimated time. Then when I have waited nearly an hour for it to start and it hasn't, I cancel the download and it freezes my entire PS3 and I have to manually turn it off.


I also tried other downloads and they work fine so it's just a problem with this one download.

Please help, thank you.

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First Son
Registered: 04/21/2013
4 posts

Re: Warriors Orochi 3 download problems

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Apr 23, 2013

I don't get it, you gave a broken link.


Does anyone have any actual help they can give me?

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