Dec 25 2013
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:smileymad:Bought the season pass for The Wolf Among Us about a month ago. Downloaded the demo and episode 1 unlock key, could never get it out of demo mode. Called PSN support spent an hour on the phone with some guy who told me to call back tomorrow because they were having system issues. Called back the next day and talked to a lady for about an hour and a half. She had me reset my system and do several other things but to know avail. Finally they refunded my money and told me to try and repurchase it since the data must have gotten corrupted some how. Well tried to buy it again tonight and same problem, called again and was told by one of their "experts" that I would have to call TellTale. Maybe PSN should hire some employees who know what the hell theyre doing. I will never buy anything from PSN again and will be switching to Microsoft when I upgrade my system.

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