Aug 08 2012
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WLAN/PSN problem+ questions :)

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I'm having an issue setting up WLAN for Dead Island and im really confused. This is pretty much whats happened: set up a brand new 2nd PS3, installed both games from two sapereate discs on both ps3s. Both ps3s are up to date and games up to date, i connect new ps3 to wfi network, then start the games. I find the other players game with no problems, and we have been playing for a few weeks.


Problem came up when i signed into my existing PSN account on my 2nd ps3 to install netflix. Now we cant find eachogther game at all. I went to make a new user, and then set up a new PSN account under it. Problem is now.. all saved game data is gone :/ (really no big deal though). Havnt gotten around to testing if it works (because we pretty much both will have to start over again from what i understand)...but will this work? Is there an easier setup than this or can someone please explain to me how this really works? Will i be able to download all the DLC's i already paid for under my original PSN account, and will i be able to use them under a PSN account on the 2nd ps3? Example: I have mass effect 3 and all the DLC content, my girl wants to play mass effect 3 too so she wants to buy her own copy and also play me online...but i dont want to pay for all the DLC's again. Is this possible? 


Sorry this is a very broad question, im just really confused as to how this all works when i had it working perfectly to begin with. Anyone who can spare the time to help will be very much apperciated Smiley Happy


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Re: WLAN/PSN problem+ questions :)

Feb 21, 2013

How do I solve if for the PSP


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