Mar 03 2013
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Virtua Fighter 5 is expired for no reason

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I purchased Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown on the PSN on 06/05/2012 and played a lot, but now it says the game has expired.


When I try to run the game a message says "The content has expired and is no longer available" and there's a link to the Playstation Store. When I get to the store, the "download" button does not appear, instead it shows "add to cart - $29.99" on the Complete Edition. When I search for the "normal edition" the "add to cart - $14.99" button appears.


I was sure I purchased it so I checked my e-mails and there it was, the Transaction Receipt e-mail:



 Thank you for your PlayStation(R)Store purchase.

 A receipt of your purchase is below. Be sure to keep it in a safe place for future reference.

 Online ID: xkillerp7
 Order Number 3135671258

 Date/Time Purchased: 06/05/2012 @ 05:00 PM
 Total Amount: $29.99

 Item / Service           Details               Price (Dollars)

UP0177-NPUB30625_00-VF5FSCOMPLETEEDT-UB01       Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Complete Edition (Full Game and Add-On Content) $29.99

Sub Total       $29.99
Tax     $0.00



So, I really bought it on this same account, and now it isn't working.


Maybe it has something to do with Playstation Plus. When I purchased it, the game was for free on the PS+ Instant Collection. I wanted all the DLC and there was a sale, so after I played the game on the PS+ I bought the full version with all the DLC. The weird part is that I'm still a PS+ member, so even if I had bought it under PS+ (which it isn't the case) I should still be able to play it.


When I press triangle on the XMB and select Information, it says:


Starts: 5/6/2012

Expires: 19/12/2012


Maybe the expiring date is the same as the PS+ expiring date at the time of the purchase. But as I stated before, I'm still a member of the PS+, so there is no reason at all for this expiration.


Searching the net I found this thread showing someone with the same problem, apparently.


I tried the PSN Live Chat support but I did not received any help, even with the info on the receipt e-mail, so I'm trying to get a solution here.

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Re: Virtua Fighter 5 is expired for no reason

Mar 4, 2013

When you download free content as a Playstation Plus subscriber, then it does expire at the end of your current Plus subscription.  However, renewing your Plus subscription does not change the expiration date of any content that was already downloaded. To extend the expiration date for content that was already downloaded, you have to download it again.  The content won't actually be downloaded if it is already installed, but a new license file with the expiration date of your current Plus subscription will be downloaded.  In this case it is irrelevant because the Complete Edition is not the one that was offered free to Plus subscribers.  


Games that are purchased for money never expire, so the copy of the game referred to in the transaction history is not the same one that you have installed. The format of the date that you posted indicates that you are not using the US Playstation Store.  What Playstation Store are you accessing? Are you sure that you downloaded and installed the game after you purchased the Complete Edition, and did not just add the DLC to the free copy of Final Showdown that you got with Playstation Plus?

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Re: Virtua Fighter 5 is expired for no reason

Mar 4, 2013

Well, I probably did just that, I added the DLC to the free copy and kept playing. I think I downloaded the copy of PS+ and then bought the complete edition, downloading just the DLC.


I checked my downloads list on the US Store and found all the customization packs on that exact date, plus a dinamic theme (that probably came with the complete edition), but no sign of the download of the game itself.


Just to be sure I checked my downloads list of the UK Store (the only place I could have downloaded it aside from the US Store), and found no download of anything related to Virtua Fighter. Even if I had downloaded the game there, the DLC from the US wouldn't work, so that would not have make sense anyway.


So now I'm 100% sure I bought the full game on the US Store, like it says on my receipt, but apparently the Store "forgot" that and it's only showing the DLC. I also checked my daughter's PS3, because we downloaded the game there too, and it's exactly like mine - the game is expired with the same date.


I deleted the game from my PS3 and went to the Store again just to see if something would change, but no, the download link does not show, instead there's only the add to cart option. And I'm sure this is the account I purchased it, because it's the only one I ever subscribed to Playstation Plus and it's the one associated with my main e-mail account, where I received the receipt e-mail.


Now I'm not able to download the game again, either not as the user who bought it, and not as the Playstation Plus subscriber that downloaded it for free. According to the Store I never even downloaded it, but this makes absolutely no sense. I'm sure it's some error on the Store side. The game simply vanished. It would show at least the download from the PS Plus. Also, I never did any account sharing or something like that, so it's impossible that someone else could have purchased it but me.


Any clue of what should I do next?

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