May 21 2013
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Uruguay And Play station network

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Uruguay is a country, its a country located at south america, here many people, as well as me, have a ps3, but when creating an account  theres plenty of countries, incluiding argentina for example, but uruguay is not there, if we choose a country that is not the usa, we get totally excluded from psn, we dont get access to ANYTHING but to play online, i bought a vita, and i was gonna use my account there (i selected argentina , but it was years ago), pum, i cant access the store or the games from my other account, so i had to replace that account with this one, that is from the usa to download from the psstore, what happens? my trophies goes to this account, so theres no point in getting them anymore, i bought ps+ with this account for example, but i dont get any of the benefits when using the other account, in the end its a **bleep** mess, please , i beg you to do something about this, thanks for reading.

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