Feb 04 2014
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Undergoing Maintenance (E-820001F7)

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I've been an Xbox guy all of my life and I never had any problems.

For Christmas I finally decided to make the transition over to the world of the PlayStation. I paid the $400 dollars for the system, with the addition of $50 for the PlayStation+ membership. I've been used to paying for online gaming, but the quality of the network is 100x worse than Xbox Live.

I've been faced with constant connectivity issues since I turned it on Christmas Day and wasn't able to play online because the system was down.

I've been hearing that PlayStation is superior to Xbox for years, but with these constant errors and problems, I'm starting to wish that I would have bought the Xbox One.

I wish Sony would figure out how to stop these problems from happening. The number of network issues I have experienced over the span of only a month is laughable.

I bought this system to enjoy online gaming at it's best, though I've rarely been able to experience the "online" part. it's particularly frustrating considering they will not refund you for any time you spend pulling your hair out trying to connect to the PSN.

I'm extremely dissatisfied with my experience with the PSN.

Please fix this issue.
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Re: Undergoing Maintenance (E-820001F7)

Feb 4, 2014

In fairness x1 has a lot of OS issues and what not at launch too, but I agree, p[s3 last 3-4 years PSn was good, PS4 however the constant maintenance and PSn issues are ridiculous, Sony needs to fix this fast,

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Re: Undergoing Maintenance (E-820001F7)

Mar 10, 2014
Looks like you're the only one with no likes.....
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