Jul 10 2011
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Uncharted 3 beta not working at all

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I'm just going to re-post here what I also have posted as "No Home for me," to focus attention on my U3 problem:

Since the ddos attacks, I have not been able to log in to PS Home. I get "Network Error the connection to the server was lost D4001" . I called the PSN help line and the agent gave me a long list of TCP and UDP  port codes, which I provided to the service agent for my ISP (Qwest.) After that very long call with the Qwest service agent, he informed me that all the ports are open and no firewalls are blocking anything through my modem (DSL.) All my PS3 online functions work, except for the Uncharted 3 online beta. At first I got "Error loading config file" for that game. After the update to Uncharted 3 1.02,  I got "Error initializing session manager." With Uncharted 3 1.03, I got up to the online agreement, which never loads (at least  not after a half hour,after which I give up.)  And with U3 1.04, we're back to "Error loading config file." On the suggestion of the Qwest help agent, I restored the PS3 to factory settings, but these problems remain. Also, I noticed when I tried to change my password through this site (as recently as minutes ago) I get a "server down for maintenance" message. Just seems to me like you need more fixing on your servers. I am posting here on the suggestion of the PSN help line agent, so someone please help!

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Re: Uncharted 3 beta not working at all

Aug 21, 2014



Sorry that you're having issues with your service.  

Our team can help if you'll send account info + pertinent details via email 


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