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Mar 18 2011
By: LKirra32 First Son 7 posts
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Unable to download Castle Crashers, Help!

1 replies 350 views Edited Mar 18, 2011

Does anybody think they could give me some good advice? I purchased Castle Crashers recently and I can't play the game. I downloaded the game which took less than a second, and it never appeared in my game files or anywhere on my system except my download list. I was able to download the demo but not the full version. I've gone through every suggested troubleshooting options supplied by the network. I have exceptional internet. Can anybody help me?

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First Son
Registered: 02/11/2011
7 posts

Re: Unable to download Castle Crashers, Help!

Mar 19, 2011

I found my problem. The demo downloaded but then I had to enter the demo to download the full game. I had just assumed not to enter it, because at the time it was just a demo and I didn't want to waste my time playing that.

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