Jul 14 2013
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USB ports not working !!

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Hey guys

I don't normally post on forums so I'm not sure if I've posted in the wrong place but I hope someone can help me. 
My 2 usb ports on my old 80GB ps3 (First gen) have suddenly stopped working, controllers won't charge or sync & they won't read a memory stick etc, is there any easy way I can get them to work ? Is it maybe because of overheating ? Its not the cable because the controller will charge fine from my pc, have read up about this on other ps3s but have no clue what is going on with all the cables so any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Re: USB ports not working !!

Jul 14, 2013
Try taking the hdd out when it is off, then turn the system on and off.. then put it back in see if it works..

If step number 1 fails, Step number 2 call sony get it fixed.

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