Aug 19 2012
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Trouble staying online when I'm playing games

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Hi, about a year, I bought my ps3. So I can enjoy playing madden online. Recently I been having problems staying online in the middle of a game. I try rebooting wifi and modem . Going wireless or straight with a cable. Changing PW # on my wifi and calling my Internet provider to check on my speed or any interruptions. As you see Im running out of optins you got any suggestions that I could do to fix my problem ..... Thank you
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Re: Trouble staying online when I'm playing games

Aug 20, 2012
Hey there DiazDoWork. How often are you having these issues? Is it every time you play a game or is it only at certain times of the day? Its possible that the EA servers may be having some hiccups or the players you are attempting to play with have poor connections as well. The best option is to stay with a wired connection if you can and see how stable that connection is over time.

In addition anything running in the background on other devices such as movie downloads or even downloads on your PS3 could cause lag or hiccups in your connections. I hope this info helps!

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