Oct 29 2011
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Trouble connecting to PSN

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I have never had this kind of problem before. So, this morning, I was playing Battlefield 3 and I decided to take a break for 30 minutes but when I came back, my connection to the Playstation Network started to become all wierd. For 2 hours, I have basically tried to fix the connection where I even went to the point of calling my ISP about the issue and they reported no problems on their part. I use a wireless network and my ISP is Bell Canada. I do not have a router or anything as the connection comes wirelessly from another area to my computer. I even went to the point where I set up a new connection for now and it still has the same problem.

Now, here's my issue.

When I go to Network Settings then to Internet Connection Test, here is what I get.

- Obtain IP Address (This will work most of the time but fail sometimes)

- Internet Connection (Like a 50% chance it will work)

-Playstation Network (30% it will work)

If the internet connection doesn't work, I would get the error: 80710102

I also remember getting an error code: 80710d23

If I test my Internet Connection and it succeeds for all of them, I would start going into a game like Battlefield 3 and it would either disconnect me or it would keep saying the EA servers aren't up. Now I know that EA has been having problems recently with the servers but it doesn't explain for why it would also disconnect me from my network overall.

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