Mar 22 2011
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Trophy Support for Games of the Past!!!

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I have alway's loved to play games and continue to play them. When Sony brought out trophies I was thrilled because it added a lot of depth to my gaming experience. I love trophies. One thing though, there are a few games from the past that I was hoping would get trophie support but alas...the day never came. This is my post that I hope garners enough attention to get Sony in gear. There are three games in particular that i'm hoping will be trophy enabled before to long.

Heavenly Sword

Valkyria Chronicles


These three games are awesome additions to anyones gaming collection...I've been meaning to go back through them and play them again. Even though i've played through them at least three or four times already. My hope is that Sony will bring on the trophy love to give me more incentive to replay these games. If anyone has any other game they would like to see trophies for, please feel free to put them on here.

Sony, please, for the love of all that is good in the world...give me Trophies!!! lol.

Seriously though, I would love to see trophies in those three games soon so I can go back to them.

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Re: Trophy Support for Games of the Past!!!

Mar 23, 2011

LoL, Sony doesn't make the trophies. The developers do.

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