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Aug 01 2013
By: sahit2538677 First Son 25 posts

Trophy Glitch in Guacamelee - "Lore Master"

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I was playing the game Guacamelee and just completed all seven side quests in the game, but I did not recieve the Lore Master trophy. I searched on the internet and there is only 7 side quests in the game which I completed. I have a trophy for each completed side quest. Who should I contact for this?

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First Son
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Re: Trophy Glitch in Guacamelee - "Lore Master"

Aug 7, 2013

Hello there!


    I have experienced similar problems with other games that support trophies. Sometimes, I complete the task required to get the trophy, but I do not get it. I have found that deleting the game data (under Game Data Utility) and starting the game over refreshes the game and allows me to get the trophy. HOWEVER, all of your progress may be reset as well. :robotsad: I do not know who to contact for these types of issues. I am sorry to hear about your problem!


Hope this helps! :robothappy:

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