Feb 23 2011
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Trophies refuse to sync to new PS3

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Spent like 12 hours today messing with this when I should've been playing my shiny new KZ3 on my shiny new PS3.

I have... way too many trophies. Like 8000. Before, when I didn't have so many, syncing to a new ps3 took a while but always worked. As I got into the thousands, it was taking longer and longer everytime. Eventually, I would get an error after so long(80711008). Looking around the nets, I found that if you sync by looking at your profile while in game somehow made it sync faster and it worked for a while. A thousand trophies later, my ps3 quits reading discs(2nd ps3), so I get my new KZ3 bundle today, and here I am again.

If I sync while not in a game, it rarely gets to 50% before the error. In game, I can get somewhere around 80%.But they both take a long time. Like, literally, 1% every 2-3 minutes. Yes, that means like and a hour and a half to get to 30%... before waiting longer to see the error. On my old non-disc reading slim, my trophies have no problem syncing, takes like 2 minutes total.

I've read this happens to pretty much anyone with a ton of trophies who moves to a new system, and I have tried all troubleshooting techniques(all user created of course), such as opening ports on router, booting up some of the earliest trophy games and syncing by comparing with friends.

The easiest fix is if they would have just included trophy data in the damn data transfer utility.

Anyone else have any ideas or workarounds? Or we just all supposed to quit and make a new account once we get so many trophies and need a new ps3? Sorry if that question seemed hostile, but I've know of this problem for a long time and was hoping it would be fixed or at least addressed before it got to this breaking point.

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