Feb 17 2013
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Transferring PS3 Data w/ changing PSN acc. email address

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So I've already transferred my save data to my new console, but it didn't transfer the saved PSN password. I've alawys had it set to remember my password and sign in automatically since I set up the old system when I got it. Obciously, I can't remember the password. This would seem like an easy fix, just reset the password by sending a link or whatever to the email I have set up with my PSN account.


Thing is, the email I have set up was an alternate one at the time and appears to have been deleted/deactivated by Hotmail, even though I can still apparenlty use it as a PSN account email. When I try to switch the email to my current one, of course I need to know the PSN password that I can't remember and can't reset due to the email address that I'm being told no longer exists.


All of my game and DLC have transferred over fine, I'm just worrying about my trophies. I may only be 12@56%, but I'd still like to keep that rather than starting over. Is there anything I can do?

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Re: Transferring PS3 Data w/ changing PSN acc. email address

Feb 17, 2013

Hold on. Managed to change the email from the invalid to a valid one. It still isn't my main email, but at least I can sign into it.


Kindly disregard this problem. I got lucky by randomly guessing every password I've ever had and finally got it.

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