Dec 24 2013
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To the Grinch who stole $100 of psn cards. (resolution)

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To the Grinch,


I know the odds of you reading this are very slim but thank you for being such a scum bag and not turning in my dad's bag with 3 christmas cards and 2 $50 dollar PSN cards.


All you had to do was turn it into staff of the Canadian Tire in Toronto at yonge and davenport.


How you can steal 100 dollars of what is clearly christmas presents on christmas eve is trully sickening.


I'd just like you know that even if you find a bag on the ground of a store it does not make it yours and it does in fact make you a theif. 


We came back as soon as we noticed it was gone. Unfortunately you already stole it. 


Since my dad doesn't have the money to replace the cards to be used as gifts you have also effected a few others with your theivery. 


I know I can't get my dad's money back, I just want you to think about the different people's christmas's that you affected negatively and robbed them of a present from under their tree.


Congrats hope you can sleep well enjoy the $100 worth of free games.


After thinking about it for awhile you must trully need this money in order to act this way on Christmas eve. So I guess I can't really blame you and since it's chrismas I'll forgive you. 


Merry Christmas, I'm sorry your life circumstances are so bad take care of yourself. 




(To anyone who may have been wondering, I recieved a call from Canadian Tire this boxing day morning and they said that our bag had been returned to customer service at some point although the woman did not know when or by who. So I think we can consider this case closed and a happy ending to all, after all. Faith in humanity restored. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)


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Re: To the Grinch who stole $100 of psn cards.

Dec 24, 2013

Hello and welcome to the Playstation Forums. We aren't Sony employees but we'll do our best to assist you. Don't just disappear when your issue is solved. Someone may need your help some day or maybe you'd just like to socialize in our Off Topic or Home forums.


If this is legit I'm sorry for your loss but forgive my cynicism meter for pegging this post as an attempt to garner sympathy and free codes from the generous Playstation Community.

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Re: To the Grinch who stole $100 of psn cards.

Dec 25, 2013

Sorry I wanted to email playstation privately not to get my money back, because I know it's impossible, but just so they knew that there was 100 in stolen cards likely to be redeemed in Toronto. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about a place to email privately. In fact this is the first time I've ever posted on any forum in my whole life. lol. anyway I was just so hopping mad as this happened earlier today. Keep your codes I want nothing from you and I resent the implication but I understand your cynicism so I'm not angry at you. I just needed to vent and I didn't have anywhere else to go to do that. Please take this down if that is your wish. I feel like I got it off my chest now. Merry Christmas man and take care. I feel much much better now. Smiley Happy
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