Nov 10 2012
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The walking dead won't install

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I have purchased "The Walking Dead Season Pack" from the PlayStation store and it will not install. 

I can see the walking dead episode 1 to 4 in the view downloads section of the store. If I click on one of them (e.g. Episode 1) then it proceeds to go through the download and install process and at this stage is appears successful. When I return to the main PlayStation menu and visit the Game tab there is no Walking Dead installation file to be found (which is what normally happens). If I visit the unknown folder where PSN games are normally installed then it isn't in their either.

What is unusual is that if I visit the Game Data Utility then I am able to see an item for TheWalking Dead. However, the game has never been played.

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Re: The walking dead won't install

Nov 10, 2012

Try Doing  restore file system in safe mode 

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Re: The walking dead won't install

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Nov 10, 2012

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@alpha7158: Are you downloading The Walking Dead from your region's PSN store [e.g. You live in the US & are downloading it from the US PSN Store] OR are you downloading it from a foreign PSN store? [e.g. You live in Brazil & are downloading from the US PSN store]


Downloadable Contents are region locked.

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Re: The walking dead won't install

Nov 15, 2012

I've recieved this friendly email from PSN:


Hello Andrew,

My name is XX, thank you for taking the time to contact PlayStation® Technical Support. Being a huge fan of the The Walking Dead, I would be frustrated if I paid for the season pass and unable to access the content. I apologize for any concern created and happy to be of further assistance.

To access the game you will need to first download the demo for The Walking Dead. Once downloaded, please install the demo. Next, locate the Full Game Unlock for the game. This will unlock the demo to be the full version. Once you access the game it will show you the episodes, this will then allow you to select download now or will say coming soon.

If you are able to find the transaction and still unable to download the game or episodes please reply with the following information regarding the account that pucahsed the pass.

- Sign-in ID (email address associated to the account).
- Online ID (name seen by others when online)
- Date the Season Pass was purchased.
• Transaction number

This information will allow me to research this further. Rest assured, I will respond in a quick and timely manner. Thank you so much Andrew, for not only your time and patience in this matter, but for also giving me the opportunity to assist you today.




I'm going to try this later, hopefully it will work.

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