Aug 28 2013
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Terrible network support....

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In what company that has a network base that doesnt have the ability to unlock an account. As a newtork major myself I find it hard to believe that this big company does not have the means to unlock an account on something that was an error on theirs and squares-enix part. 


I bought the CE of Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn got the code and tried to enter it as so did so many people did last night. After trying different methods and times of the night we found our account was lock for to many entries. Now the information comes out we couldnt use our codes until 1pm PDT. now most of us on the east cost that stayed up hoping to have the ability to play this long awaited release will have to wait another 24 hrs till the account unlocks. Why is there not a backup or an IT guy with the ability to see the code is valid and there was no hacking or error on our part to unlock the account and allow us to play with everyone else. Now those of us lock out are now falling farther behind those able to play today.



So Thank You Sony for making my most along awaited gaming experience suck.


You need to come up with a better security method other than screwing you die hard fans.



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