Feb 16 2014
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TEARAWAY full game purchase not showing on PSN, trying to recharge me...

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puchased tearaway full game when it was on sale in dec. 2013. store showed bag icon on the full game. i recently was looking through the vita store and the bag icon is gone from the full game and is now on the demo. became suspicious and checked the ps3's psn store then through the online website. all 3 storefronts say i only purchased the demo. when i click the full game it tries to make me repurchase the game i already bought. 


i went to my download list and the game is there. went to my email address tied to account and found the receipt. thank god!

but my problem is with the store front not registering the game as purchased and as a biproduct trying to recharge me.

i didnt purchase a demo. nor would a free demo cost $17.99. something is clearly amiss with tearaway on the psn storefront.


here are the results after 4 separate phone calls to psn cutomer support back to back.


1st: maria, left me on hold multiple times. then eventually hung up on me.


2nd: mike who was tryin to be helpful, but eventually had to refer me to a supervisor


3rd: nick-supervisor? kept referring to my download list as the go to, rather then addressing the storefront trying to charge me for a game i already bought. when i asked if he would care if he made any purchase online and the store showed he didnt, he said he wouldnt care. clearly he values his wallet differently then i do! when asked what i should do since he said on his end he could do nothing, his response was to circumvent/evade the issue with the storefront and rely only on my dl list. i dont have a problem with my dl list. my problem is with the storefront trying to double charge me. evading or tapdancing around the issue doesnt fix the problem. ultimately the call was disconnected? uh huh


4th: joy, just like mike above couldnt help and had to refer me to a supervisor.

5th: shakira-supervisor, said she at least would send my issue up the chain and gave me a claim number.


my dl list is in the 1000+ and while its an option. having the store change my purchase icons to a demo when i purchased a full game and then trying to charge me a second time is a very serious matter. in 1000+ purchases made, not one has done this till now. dlc/avatars/themes/games/movies/tv... everything is fine except tearaway.


rather then address the storefront trying to recharge me, and changing my purchase icon from full game to demo. im told to just live with it and use my dl list. this does nothing to deal with the real problem.


1. why is tearaway being double charged?

2. why did the purchase icon change from full game to demo?

3. why is the storefront mishandling the full game purchase made?

4. why cant psn customer support do anything to resolve the issue?


if any other online storefront retailer allowed people to make purchases and then those purchases were alterred to show you made none, i dont think people would take this serious matter soo lightly.


being told, oh well i dont care therefore you shouldnt is the poorest customer service ive ever received. shame on anyone who runs commerce this way and tells the consumer to just live with it, due to their inconsequential indifference. 


meanwhile, i have a claim number from shakira(#5) and will be checking to see if anything has been achieved in due time.

will also make an effort to contact mM, but if their customer service is anything like psn (barring shakira who at least gave me a claim #) then i think the my problem is going to fall on indifferent ears.


go to my dl list? FIX THE STOREFRONT!!!


good luck to any who also have this problem and i will update once i find out things on my end...


if anyone has purchased the TEARAWAY full game digitally and theyre not experiencing this id like to know as well.


thank you and godspeed!







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Re: TEARAWAY full game purchase not showing on PSN, trying to recharge me...

May 13, 2014
Hello friend ... i read your post reading that it has been dated 3 months ago i wanted to confirm i am experiencing the same problem. Somewhat slightly different way of purchasing but still a digital purchase i downloaded the demo played a few hrs then unlocked the full game through the demo and this was all during the first week of its release. I happen to just be checking the PSN store via the vita and showed the tearaway game as a buy option and no red bag icon with download (obviously i bought the full unlock through the game) anyway this has got me extremely anxious whats causing it. Luckily like you it shows it in my transaction history as 35.99 and in my downloads list along with the soundtrack,avatars, and skins for LGB (im guess these go free with the game because i dont see any any transaction for the game sound track priced at 7.99) i havent contacted sony entertainment yet knowing that they might not be able to help either according to your story. Well anyway hopefully this sorta gives you some useful information regarding this traumatic i thought i purchased this merchandise error...feel free to reply to this comment im still in the verge of figuring out the cause of this.
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