Mar 14 2013
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Sync Operation and a myriad of issues

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I come to you fine individuals with desperation and frustration.


After lurking numerous threads searching for my situation and solution to no avail, I am at the end and decided to post myself.


To begin, I am able to sign-in, play online, message/invite/chat, etc all with ease. I have a good internet connection.


This only occurs with syncing. Updates and downloads are unharmed.


The frustrating portion is my sync operation.


It takes well over ten minutes to get to about 75%, if it doesn't display some error prior and wreck the pathetic ordeal.


I have received the following errors when it "syncs"



and the one with a time out with server


I've manually altered IPs, rebuilt database, restore file system, turned off all other internet-consuming items in my house, and offered ice cream politely, but absolutely nothing.


This has ocurred on several systems and I am unable to access my profile, or view trophies when signed in.


It's slowly sapping the will to live from my life and is reflected in my relationships and strange habits.


I've considered making a new account, but I have a platinum trophy in Demon's Souls and working on one in Dark Souls and the thought of throwing that away is a bit cringing.


This is a desperate plea from a desperate individual harboring desperation desperately.


Someone help!



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