Dec 17 2011
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Switched to Wifi and now I'm getting lag issues.

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Hey, everyone, I was hoping you could help me. I used to have my PS3 hooked up to a wired connection but I recently switched to Wifi. Ever since I find that when I play Modern Warfare 3 I get some crazy latency spikes, to the point where the game just becomes unplayable. I'm aware having multiple people on one connection can cause slowdown but I purchased a dual band router for just that reason, and even then there are usually only two people at a time using my Wifi (it's encrypted so I'm sure no one else is using it).

The problem is really that I can't exactly tell if it's an issue with the game or my internet. I played Resistance 3 co op with a friend today and the game ran smoothly, and I played Killing Floor on my PC (also connected to the Wi fi network) and I didn't experience any latency issues, as well my PS3 seems to retain the same download speeds as when I had a wired connection. So basically, is this a problem with my router/PS3? Do I need to open certain ports or something? Any help would be appreciated, and if I don't get a chance to reply, thanks in advance!

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Re: Switched to Wifi and now I'm getting lag issues.

Dec 17, 2011

ne1atall wrote:

Here's a couple links that may be useful.

If not why don't you go back to wired?


I can't go back to wired because I need the Wifi for work (work from home), so it wouldn't be viable to have to move the modem back and forth . In any case thanks, I'll check these out when I get some time tonight! If these don't work it's no big deal, just one online game that's causing me issues.

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