May 07 2013
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Support told me they cannot fix the problem - What can I do?

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I live in Denmark, and I have issues with getting DoA5 to work through my PS+ account, as has numerous of other EU PS+ members I have spoken to.

All other games downloaded fine and installed fine, but this consistently fails at the same time.


So I tried to contact Playstation support by using the live chat, however as I found out it only offers support for North America, and EU has no live chat, I had to contact my regional office in Denmark.


So I waited until their phone lines were open, I was surprised when I called the number provided on Sony's website, that I got a hold of Nordisk Film Distribution AS (Nordic Movies Distribution). 

I spoke with a person on the line, who first told me that there were absolutely no issue, and the fault was at my end.

I politely asked if that person would test my claim, just to put my mind at ease, since I have tried numerous times, on different PS3 systems in my household, and on different networks, and only that one item failed at the same place every single time.


He told me he would, and would write me an email 30 minutes later with his findings.


1½ hrs passed, I called to ask if they had forgotten it, he confirmed that he also had issues with that one item, Dead or Alive 5.

But he held no power to fix anything, he would have to contact Sony UK.

He told me he would write to me when he had an update on the issue.


Later on the evening I wrote an email with the same issue, and the message that I got from the "support" on the phone, just ot make sure they had it in writting too.


I get an auto-reply from Nordisk Film Distribution AS too (Keep in mind their automated messages on their phones and email were all in English, so no advantage in language either, since the official language in Denmark is Danish.)


Today, the day after I wrote the email, I called back to the support line, and got to speak with another person, she had no idea what I was talking about, she then asked me what my email was, and then found my email..


She also confirmed that they could not do anything about it, but had to wait for a reply from Sony UK.

So I asked if I could get a number for the UK support line (The one provided on Sony's website does not allow calls outside UK it seems.) 

She said that she would not provide it to me, since everything had to through Nordisk Film first.


I am nearing 48hrs after told them that one of their items in the PS+ store is corrupt, and they themselves confirmed it, they said they cannot fix it, but they would have to contact the people in the UK.


So I am asking what can I do ?


Do I have to wait for this middle man to explain my issue to the actual Sony Support? 


Since their email and phones already are in English, why am I not allowed to contact Sony UK myself?


Why does EU not have a Live chat in English, heck for that matter, why not a 24 hr live chat support, since you got people in Australia, US and UK, which could man the "station" around the clock in English.


I am frustrated. :-/ 


I do not understand why have a support service that cannot provide support by their own accord? 


Me -> Middle Man -> Sony 


Is that how it works everywhere, or am I just out of luck for being geographically placed somewhere where Sony cannot provide support directly?




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Re: Support told me they cannot fix the problem - What can I do?

May 7, 2013
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Re: Support told me they cannot fix the problem - What can I do?

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May 7, 2013

Although I am unable to assist you with your problem I can tell you that your post & it's comments would be better placed if it were in the UK/EU Forums, at least there you may fund others with the same or similar problems as yourself, these as you may or may not know are the US Forums.


Here's a link to the UK/EU Forums.


Good luck.




EDIT: Above link from other poster appears to be a good one.




Customer Service - 1-800-345-SONY (7669)
Account & billing Support -1-877-971-SONY (7669)
Available Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm PST
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Re: Support told me they cannot fix the problem - What can I do?

May 7, 2013
I did post it there too, but so far no words from any support in the EU..

Also found out US and EU support seems to have no direct connections either.

There I reported the issue, and others confirmed it.

It's nearing 48 hrs, and 2 phone calls for $1/min and one email later, I still have not been told by Sony if they are looking into the issue, or even given a support ticket number.

To be fair, it is not sony I have spoken to, but a distributor.

It is a mess...

So basically I am stuck with having a support email and phone that cannot provide support.
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