Feb 26 2013
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Super Stardust HD Impact Mode DLC voucher expired (and Sony support is atrocious).

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I purchased the Super Starduct HD Game Bundle back in August and unfortunately there was an error in which those of us that purchased the bundle did no get the Impact DLC.


I just found this on the PS Blog from August 8: "UPDATE: Due to a technical error, the Impact Mode DLC was not included in this Super Stardust HD DLC sale bundle. Any users who purchased the sale bundle will be receiving a message within the next week or so with a voucher code for the Impact Mode DLC. We will also correct the error for next Tuesday’s Store publish. We apologize for the inconvenience!"


I was not aware of this issue and I did not recieve my code until the 24th of August. Unfortunately I was in the process of moving from New York to Virginia that week and I did not get my PS3 connected to PSN until late September if not October. I had a bunch of messages by that point and I was never made aware that the Impact DLC had been made available through an email and I rarely visit the PSBlog.


I was looking through my inbox and I noticed that I had this code sitting there buried underneath a bunch of other messages. I went to redeem the code but unfortunately it expired at the end of last year. Now normally I would consider this my own fault if Sony had given me a reasonable way to know that this error occured and that I was receiving a voucher code. This never happened though. I contacted Sony support and they basically said that I was SOL even though Sony is responsible for not bundling this game properly. Then the associate had the nerve to try to sell me a warranty for my Vita even though he could tell I was angry because he had not fixed my problem after being on the phone for an hour.


I have been a loyal Sony customer for many years. I am a PS Plus subscriber, I own a PS3, a PSP, a Vita, and a PS2. To say the least, I am not very happy that Sony could not do anything about this piece of TWO DOLLAR DLC. They couldn't give me a new code or add funds to my wallet in order to purchase the DLC. It seems like Sony has no loyalty to their customers.


I am about to post about my terrible experience on Twitter, Neogaf, and IGN, but I'm hoping that someone higher up may see my situation and help remedy it. It is ridiculous to have to sit on the phone for an hour and then write a long message on a message board just to try to find a solution to a $2 problem.

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Re: Super Stardust HD Impact Mode DLC voucher expired (and Sony support is atrocious).

Feb 27, 2013

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Sorry, but why are you blaming Sony when you should be blaming yourself, there is no resolution to your 'problem' other than you purchase the DLC yourself, it is not Sony's fault that you failed to check your email, nor is it their fault that your PS3 was offline from August to September or October, whilst the initial error was indeed Sony's or at the very least the games distributors, the final fault still lies with you.




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