Dec 01 2013
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Subtitles on Movies

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Hi, is there a way to know which movies have subtitles on the Store? I re-downloaded some movies on my PS Vita and noticed some movies that I purchased do have subtitles. I checked on PlayStation Network to see if the description for those movies had subtitles or not and it didn't say.


How am I suppose to know if a movie has subtitles or not if Sony doesn't state it??!!

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Re: Subtitles on Movies

Dec 23, 2013



Same with me.  I am unable to find if some movies have subtitles/closed caption or not.  I took $5 out of my pocket to test.  I rented Ironman 3, there is no subtitle.  Smiley Sad


Before I contact PSN to see if they can add "Subtitle" or "no subtitle" in the description, I am trying to find more information from forums.

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Re: Subtitles on Movies

Dec 15, 2014
Bringing this back from the dead,
Still no closed caption/ subtitle option.
I still won't purchase/ rent media until there is.
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Re: Subtitles on Movies

Dec 15, 2014

I don't know what movies have subtitles (I checked a few that don't, so it seems uncommon, at least), but in the store there is a section under "technical info" that tells you if it has subtitles or not. 

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Re: Subtitles on Movies

Dec 15, 2014

Since this thread is not active, it will now be locked. Please make sure a thread is active before posting, thanks!

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