Feb 08 2012
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Sub account into master account

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With the new terms of use and terms and conditions, they still made no effort at allowing an upgrade. I've heard many ways that it's 'not possible' unless i delete my old account or make a new one. My only question is why was this omitted with the recent changes?

If you want a bit of background for why i ask this, here ya go:

So i'm 21, married, have my own car, got my associates, etc. etc. Let's just leave it at i'm a responsible adult. I bought a PS3 shortly after my wife and I moved into a place. We set up the whole thing, and i tried to buy some games for downloading (Final Fantasy VII and VIII, Metal Gear Solid, etc). Apparently Sony doesn't want my business because they don't let me buy anything unless i go through my older sibling. After a Saturday of looking up forums, calling Sony, and making an entirely new account- i'm now convinced that i should have lied about my age 4 years ago. Damn my naive honesty...

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Re: Sub account into master account

Feb 8, 2012

This is the reason so many people do lie about their ages when setting up a SEN (PSN) Account, so lying about your age 4 years ago, although against Sony's T & C's would have made your life easier now, sorry but as you know you're stuck with creating a new SEN Account.

Also don't expect this to come in any Firmware update any time soon, along with wanting to change my SEN (PSN) ID this is one of the most requested things, but I just don't see it happening, not in the near future anyway.


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