Dec 02 2012
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Sub Account Probelm

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Here's my situation... I am a sub account to a master acount, but now we need a new master account for my sub acount to be under.


I want to buy BlackOps 2 season pass but like i said, we need to change master accounts, Is there anyway to change the Master account to my account?


if i buy the season pass on a different account on my system i know i will get all the maps for everyone, but i wont get the Calling Card that comes with it.


Please tell me if its possible and if so, how to do it.

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Re: Sub Account Probelm

Dec 2, 2012

A sub-account cannot be switched to a different master account. However, there is no need to do so.  Sub-accounts have no special access to content purchased by their master account. PSN accounts have no online access to each other's content.  Sub-accounts are no exception.  Except for avatars, most Playstation Store content downloaded to a PS3 can be accessed by any user profile on the PS3.  Not just by the one that purchased it. Sony doesn't expect multiple people that use the same PS3 to buy the same content, in most cases.  If the content can be used by all users on the PS3, then it makes no difference whether or not those users have sub-accounts of the purchasing PSN account.

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