Jan 29 2013
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Sub Account Issues

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Hey everyone. I had a friend who had a ps3 and I created a sub account on that ps3. My brother recently bought a ps3 and he created a master account for himself. I created the same sub account on my brothers ps3 with the same PSN ID and everything but I am unable to make any purchases and the sub account management options is not showing up in my brothers master account. Is my sub account only tied to my friends master account?


Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.


Also I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong section.

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Re: Sub Account Issues

Jan 30, 2013

Yes.  Your sub-account is only connected to your friend's master account.  It will never be connected to any other master account. It doesn't matter which PS3 you are on.  By the way, your friend wasn't allowed to create a sub-account for you, and neither is your brother (unless your brother is your legal guardian, like on iCarly).  Only parents are allowed to create sub-accounts, and only for their own children or grandchildren.  The master account holder is making specific commitments on behalf of the sub-account holder, that only the sub-account holder's parent can legally make.

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