Feb 22 2013
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Sub Account Anger

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I made my account with my brother a few years back, and now he's been at college for a year. He doesn't have time to add money to my wallet and that stuff, but i still want to use PSN. I've bought 6 games, most of them cheap ps1 classics or minis. I called and asked if they could make my account into a master account. They said they can't. In return, they said that they can create a new account for me. I asked if they could transfer my games over, because i'd rather not have wasted $60. And what do they say? "That is too much information to transfer." HOW IS THAT TOO MUCH?

I don't care about trophies, because i like replaying games over and over again. I just want to be able to have my games as a master account!

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Re: Sub Account Anger

Feb 23, 2013

Nothing is ever transferred between PSN accounts, but on the PS3 it doesn't need to be.  There is nothing stopping you from having your PSN sub-account, and your new PSN master account, on the same PS3.  Games downloaded by your sub-account can be played by your master account, and vice-versa. You just have two PS3 user profiles, one for each PSN account, just as if they were being used by different people.

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