Feb 19 2013
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Stupid "no customers from outside the us" Sony policy

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Recently Sony has decided to check the if the zip-codes and the state on the credit card billing address match. This pisses me off because the ONLY way i had before to buy games on PSN was to "trick" the system with a fake address and and the correct zip-code on the billing address. Ever since they started doing that i've been unable to buy games on PSN and subscribe to PS+. I will also never EVER switch to the Brazillian PSN that only has 100 dollar 2-year-old games and absolutely no customer service. I am almost selling my PS3 and all my games and buying an XBOX because sony has screwed me over too many times.

PS: I went to the US recently and bought myself a nice 12 month subscription to PS+ for 40 dollars instead of the whooping 70 dollars that they charge here in Brazil and guess what? THE CODE HAD ALREADY BEEN USED AND I HAD TO SPEND AN HOUR ON AN INTERNATIONAL CALL TO SONY SUPPORT AT INTERNATIONAL FEES TO GET TOLD THERE WAS NOTHING THEY COULD DO AND I HAD TO GO BACK TO THE **bleep** STORE THAT IS 20000 KM AWAY FROM ME AND TRADE IT FOR A NEW ONE.

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