Dec 03 2013
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Stick it to the Man Pre-Order Cross-Buy Issue

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I had pre-ordered the game "Stick it to the Man" which is available for both PS3 and Vita and the pre-ordered stated it was Cross-Buy. The PS3 version came out a couple weeks back and the pre-order went through fine and I got the PS3 version. Today the Vita version came out, but when I go to download the game it is wanting to purchase it again.


I've noticed there are 3 versions of the game on store.


This one:!/en-ca/cid=UP2070-NPUB31298_00-STICKITFULL00001, states it is for PS3 only and I have this one marked as Free from the Pre-Order


This one:!/en-ca/cid=UP2070-PCSE00290_00-STICKITPARENTPRD, states it is for Vita, but has no purchase options at all.


This one:!/en-ca/cid=UP2070-PCSE00290_00-STICKITVITA00001, states it is for Vita and PS3, but is requiring me to purchase it again.


It was also stated that people who pre-order will get 20% off, but the game is currently at the same price as the pre-order was. ($12.99)


I only have the PS3 version and the theme that came with the pre-order in my download list. Please help, the main reason I bought this game was for the Vita version!

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Re: Stick it to the Man Pre-Order Cross-Buy Issue

Dec 3, 2013

Nevermind. The issue seems to have been fixed and I got my Vita version. Although the 20% off issue still exists it's not that big of a problem.

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