Dec 28 2011
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Splitting PSN Master Account

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Hi all!

When I lived with my brother, we shared a PS3, let's call it PS3-1. I had the master account with my credit card information on it. He had a sub account.

I moved out and got myself a new PS3, let's call it PS3-2. I was able to log on to my master account on the new PS3. But this poses a problem with Playstation Store.

I think If my brother wants to buy something, he will need to log in as me on his PS3-1, delete my credit card info, and put in his. If I want to buy something on my PS3-2, I have to delete his card info and put in mine.

Is there any way I can make my account the master account on my PS3-2 and make his sub account into the master account on his PS3-1?

Thanks in advance!

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