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Sony´s Irresponsibility for PS3 3.55 Update

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Is this what a customer deserves?

As you know i have published a blog about the issues the update 3.55 on PS3 did last December 7th. I contacted Sony Customer Service to know about how to solve my issue in order to play movies and games. (*_*)

This is what my letter to Sony SCE said:

SCEA Consumer Services
Customer By Web Form 12/22/2010 04:09 PM Hi, my PSN ID is larales99, i never had an issue with my PS3 i have 2 of them, about 2 weeks ago i updated my PS3 and after that update my PS3 start to freeze, now im not able to play games, watch movies on DVD or BLU-RAy, so i need you to look for an answer or something i can do to fix my PS3, im not able to send it to you, because im a little far from the US, so i need you to help me or at least tell me if this issue is going to be fix, or how i can fix it, help me please.
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the inconvenient.
God bless you.

This was my letter sent to them on December 22nd.

This was the answer they give me:

Discussion Thread Response Via Email (Dan E.) 12/23/2010 11:19 AM

Hello Aless,

Thank you for writing us in regards to the issue you are experiencing with your PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system. I understand how frustrating this can be. I would like you to go into safe mode and use options 3 and 4. I am including a link below that will walk you through how to do this.

Using Safe Mode
Article Link:

If these options do not correct the issue then you may need to use option 5. However, please be aware that this will remove all games and game saved data. You will also need to know your PlayStation(R)Network account information in order to sign back into your account once this step is complete.

Please feel free to email us back with any questions and/or concerns you may have regarding this or any other issue. As always, thank you for providing us with the opportunity to assist you.

Dan E.

I did everything stated here (^_^), i even had to format my HDD (x_x) to fix the issue (according to this e-mail) but nothing help to fix the PS3 from freezing. So as consumer or customer i decided to write them back again after a few days to see what they can say...

This is what i wrote after my long troubleshoot steeps:

SCEA Consumer Services
Customer By Web Form 12/24/2010 07:47 AM Hi guys, my PS3 after the update 3.55 is having an issue when trying to play games or movies. The system freeze after a few minutes playing. This is very frustrating to me, that never happened to me. You sent me help about what can i do. Access the Safe Mode and did the step 2, 3, 4 and if it didnt work do the 5th one wich will format the HDD, i did it, and lost all my info, hopefully i store save games in a sd card. So is not only me. from 10 friends i have 4 are having the same issue i do, it does not matter if its slim or fat PS3, it does not matter if reads PS2 games or not, its randomly the issue. I need you to help me understand what to do, i store my PS3 on its box, because i dont want it to get damage, i have 2 PS3 80gb, the one MGS bundle that reads PS2 and the other 80gb that does not read PS2 games. Both are having same issue. So do i need to wait for next update? or you have another option to help me? A friend told me maybe your PS3 is having issues with the graphic card, or the mother board, but i dont think so, the mgs bundle i bought it brand new factory sealed on july 2010, and the 80gb the one does not read PS2 i bought it on october 2008 brand new also, so the problem its they are old or new, i think is the update, and some of my friends have exactly the same issue, so it cant be a massive graphic card issue we are having right? So please help me understand, i am 100% sure this is the update that has the issues. So do you have a date for next update or another solution? Unfortunately im a little far from USA so i will not be able to send it to you because it will be expensive as hell to send it. So please help me, i will wait for the answer.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenient.
God bless you.

So as you suposed they never answer me, NEVER. I was keeping in touch with the forum to see if they have something new, but nothing, all i was reading was complaining about people with the PS3 bricked or damaged. After a few days i sent them back the same e-mail but with this note added to see what they can asnwer: Hi guys, i sent you an e-mail last week requesting help for my PS3 80GB MGS4 Bundle that reeds PS2 games but you never aswer. Hi guys, my PS3 after the update 3.55 is having an issue when... you know the e-mail alreay. After a day they reply me.

This is the irresponsible answer they give me:

Discussion Thread Response Via Email (Elizabeth S.) 12/28/2010 07:22 PM

Hello Aless,

As much as we would like to address all of your questions, there are certain topics that are simply out of the scope of this department within Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). You have reached the Consumer Services Department within SCEA, and we handle all general inquiries for our PlayStation(R) family of products, warranty and repair information, installation and troubleshooting, general corporate business inquiries, and third party software referrals, just to name a few.

Very specific questions on any particular product (e.g., manufacturing process), programming details of software or hardware, 'reasons or beliefs' on why a product did or did not include certain features, personal opinions, and personal contact information for developers, publishers, and other company employees, are some of the topics that cannot be addressed. Also, there are certain topics that we may not be able to address due to the fact that they are confidential and proprietary to SCEA. .

Elizabeth S.

So what do you think about this answer? is this right? (°o°) i dont know you, but i found it very rude, and very unprofessional from them to give such stupid answer. The worst thing about this is that Sony is not responsible for any issues presented on the PS3s, so is this fair to us the gamers?. I just belive if we the gamers unite into one, get together and start complaining about all this issues, and doing something, or at least stop from buying Sony products maybe they will awake and do things as good as they did before, but this is the real world i cant dream, i cant lie to my self; im a little dissapoint because eventhough this is my first encounter with an issue on an update in more than 2 years it fells a little unfair to me, and i know to others too.

I just hope this issue get fix as soon as posible (U_U), because after all the PS3 is a good console, but next time Sony you might think before doing a console so advance that even you guys cant handle it, because thats the problem, this console is so good, but your not even enough to handle it.

So i just hope the people also stop steeling my blogs to publish them in other web sites as their´s. Eventhough is an honor to me see that, is a little unconfortable to see your things under somebodys name, but thank you for making me know, what i wright and/or do is that good, that other people stole it. (¬_¬) Unbelievable. (¬_¬)

Lets hope SCEA fix this as soon as posible, i dont care showing e-mails, names, or whatever, i just need my PS3 fix. I hope this blog gets to SCEA people eyes, so that way they can see how frustrating we feel, because this is not the first update with issues they release, we remember since the beggining of the console release we have these issues.



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