Feb 10 2013
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Sony Station account vs Sony Playstation Network account

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Can anyone clarify the difference between a Sony Station account and Sony Playstation Network account?

 I have a PSN account for my PS3. I went to DCUO website forums and it asked for my Station account name and pw. So I typed it in and it didn't exist. So I signed up for a new account with the same info (username, email) as my PSN account to create what it calls a Station account. It's confusing because I assumed a Sony account would be universally the same.

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Re: Sony Station account vs Sony Playstation Network account

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Feb 11, 2013

They aren't the same.  Playstation Network accounts (now official called Sony Entertainment Network accounts, although the old name is still used), are used on Playstation consoles that support the Playstation Network (PS3, PSP, PS Vita), this web site, and devices that support access to Sony Entertainment Network services such as Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited.  These services are all managed by Sony Network Entertainment.  Sony Station accounts are for online games that are run by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), which is a different division of Sony.  These games mostly don't use the Playstation Network, and don't run on Playstation consoles (The exceptions are DCUO, Payday : The Heist, and FreeRealms; the others are PC exclusives). The Station accounts are used to access SOE games, use SOE support and forums, and for buying in-game items with real money (micro-transactions). Most SOE games don't use the Playsation Store, and you can't use your PSN wallet to buy anything in them. You have to have a Station account.

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Re: Sony Station account vs Sony Playstation Network account

Feb 12, 2013
Thank you
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