Jan 22 2013
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Solution for Game Update/Patch Downloading Slowly

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I saw a lot of people posting that they have problems with the PS3 downloading the patches/updates for games very slowly. By slowly, i mean it will take over an hour to download just 50MB of data. My actual download speed is 10MB. I know it's not my Internet Connection because if I download a Game from the PSN store, it will download at normal speed. Please do this as a test to make sure it's not your internet connection that's messed up.


The problem simply is the DNS address. My PS3 was using the default DNS address assigned by my ISP (Verizon). To fix this, I simply changed the DNS to Google's Public DNS and my games were updating at normal speed again. It now takes only a few seconds to download a 50MB update. Hope this solves the problem I saw some people having. Follow the instructions below to change the DNS.


Step 1: Go to "Network Settings"

Step 2: Now Select "Internet Connection Settings"

Step 3: You'll get a noticication, read it and click OK.

Step 4: Select your connection type, can be wireless or wired.

Step 5: Now select Custom as a connection type.

Step 6: Select your type of connection, wired or wireless.

Step 7: Now go through your steps and enter your info. If you already connected to the internet, you can just scroll through the options and leave all your previous settings the way they were or automatic until you come to "DNS Settings"

Step 8: Select "Manual"

Step 9: Enter the Primary DNS: ; Secondary DNS:

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